How to Select the Right Lab Equipment Calibration Service Provider

If you are running a lab in Ohio and need to have the equipment properly calibrated there are some practical steps you should follow. First step when sourcing for the best lab equipment calibration OH has available is compiling a list of all the firms that provide these calibration services. After you have identified the companies that are offering these services you will need to screen them based on the following outline.

Screening Questions to Ask Prospective Lab Equipment Calibration Service Providers

  • Has the company been providing these calibration services for a considerable amount of time? You want to focus on firms that have been calibrating lab equipment for numerous years. Over the course of these years the firm will acquire the practical experience of dealing with the needs of unique customers like yourself.
  • Does the firm have an ISO rating? You want peace of mind knowing that the organization doing the calibration of your lab equipment has the right protocols in place. If the firm has an ISO rating then you should move them up your list of prospects.
  • Does the company have a well-documented track record in Ohio? The only way you can determine this is to look for the feedback that was left by other lab managers that hired the firm to calibrate their equipment. If the firm has a superior track record you should move them up your list of prospects.

When you have refined your list of firms to include those that have the best overall track record when it comes to calibrating lab equipment in Ohio, you will need to review their fees. The fees charged by these companies vary so it would be in your best interest to compare the costs in detail and consider signing a long-term service agreement so you can “lock-in” lower prices.